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My name is Yonah de Beer and I run INSI art-studios. I was raised in a town close to Amsterdam and I am 25 years old. Over the past 2 years I have been working from my studio in Amsterdam Oost. It is from here that I practice my craft. I have been raised by four homosexual parents, who came from a Jewish and Catholic heritage. Because of my upbringing, I have always felt like I stood outside the normative margins in society. To others I have always had to explain my home situation and, by extent, myself. I started painting to express; without prejudice of what is beautiful, without any sense of good or bad. I started using art as the language to express my individuality. Whether it be abstract portrayals of certain ideas or thoughts or a simple catharsis, my work is motivated by the splintering of my consciousness throughout its perception of reality. My work is philosophy materialized. 

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