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Maria Kitaeva - Süt

turkish: milk


The concept of the word "milk" embodies care, security, and well-being - the fundamental needs that unite all the people.
Despite our perceived differences, we share common ground in the simplest of things.


The humble plastic chair, taken out of context, serves as a unifying element. During my time on the Turkish peninsula, I noticed that white plastic chairs were ubiqui- tous, serving as a gathering place for conversations and tea-drinking what is an important part of the local slow life culture. Inspired by this observation, I decided to use the chair in a series of portraits showcasing the local inhabitants.


Through this project, I aim to convey a simple yet profound message: people are united by simple things, as they all share a common beginning and similar sources of comfort and tranquility.


We are not as different from each other as we might think.


This photo project was started in January 2022, but remained unfinished because the war broke out in Ukraine and the author had to leave Turkey to help the family evacuate.

White chair 2 / film photo

  • 21 cm *41 cm

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