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Once you have made the right choice to own one of my archived Extinguishers, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity. This COA certifies that this artwork is a one of a kind, authentic, original artwork. This Fire Extinguisher has been part of multiple installations with dozens of Fire Extinguishers. This Fire Extinguisher is part of an archive consisting of 88 pieces. Now each Fire Extinguisher will continue its life individually.  Do not pull the handle or clean the Extinguisher.  Do not put the work outside, it must remain in its original state. This Certificate of Authenticity must be hung or placed next to the Fire Extinguisher. Do not use it in case of fire. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the Artist.


Voor- en achterkant te zien op de foto's

2022, 3/88

Own Your Fire


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